My Love

This waterfall full of feeling
rushing straight trough my heart,
no real chance for a healing
and a sense of being apart.

I did let myself fall free,
knowing I could really be hurt.
I'm glad that I can now see
love's like a free flying bird

It's a game of pleasure and pain,
you never know where it takes you
there will never be really the same,
and there's nothing that I can do.

But at least I felt love that was true.
And I know that I'm so much alive,
it has nothing to do with you.
I'll surrender - I don't want to strive

Now my heart is big and wide open,
it has so much love to give.
I'm free, alive and not broken
and I know that I like to live.

I'm looking forward to future,
my life is taking a turn.
I'm feeling that I will nurture
a love which will endless burn.

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